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If your vision plan is listed below you may be entitled to a discount. If yours is not listed please call.

VSPDavis VisionSpecteraAvesisEyeMedMilitary Blue Cross/Blue Shield

More Vision Plans: U & C Health Allies, Sisco, Coast to Coast

Below are a few of the Corporate Benefit fee schedules we honor:

Flexible Spending Accounts or Cafeteria Plans are one of the most versatile yet under-utilized benefits offered to employees. Now is the time to start planning to use this benefit.

By using tax-free Flex Spending money to reimburse you for eligible medical expenses like LASIK, a Flexible Spending Account can reduce your out of pocket costs by hundreds of dollars.

FSA enrollment periods are brief and yours may open soon – for details on how to set up an FSA, see your Employee Benefits representative.

If you need financing we have many affordable payment plans available. Call and ask about our no interest financing or log on to to see if you qualifty.

If you have no discounts available and are able to pay by cash or check, there may be a discount. Call to see what you qualify for!


Here at Freedom LASIK, financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining Lasik Eye Surgery. Our goal is to make Lasik Eye Surgery affordable for any budget. It is for this reason that we make Lasik affordable, by offering a combination of expertise, experience and advanced technology at a price everyone can afford.

You may choose any of the following payment options: Cash, Check, or Credit Card

The application process is fast, easy and of course completely confidential 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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* The Penalty Rate for this account is 29.99%. Annual Fee: None. Minimum finance charge $.50. See the disclosures provided at time of transaction and
your ChaseHealthAdvance Revolving Account Agreement, for more information about this promotion.